My work



In 2012 I studied graphic design at Shillington College in Manchester, U.K. In the end I received a piece of paper which said: ‘Certificate IV in Design – CUV40303.’ (Note: the ‘Shortfolio’ contains an old e-mail address! The current one is

Here’s a shortened version of my portfolio.


Single covers

In 2013 I designed new sleeves for old hit singles. Here are a few examples.

Fighting Spirit

In 2014 I wrote ‘Fighting Spirit’, the English version
of [football madman] Fernando Ricksen’s biography.
Here are a few pages from the book, which was
published by Arena/Birlinn in Edinburgh.

Trunk Tales

In 2016 I wrote ‘Trunk Tales’, a book about
Amsterdam’s number one erotic theatre,
Casa Rosso. My sidekick was an elephant.
A pink one.

The Final Battle

In 2020 I wrote ‘The Final Battle’,
AKA ‘Fighting Spirit part II’, the English
version of a Dutch bestseller.